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Ramadan Goodness Projects of The Year 1441

Project to revive a village in Ramadan

In the project of activating the villages, which has been held for the 17th season, programs were organized in (31) villages, throughout El-Goton, Wadi Al-Ain, and Hadramout provinces. 4414 people were the beneficiary.

Goodness programs in Ramadan 1441
Project of reviving a village, Al Badia Foundation, good programs in Ramadan 1441, Ramadan 1441

The Badia implemented Ramadan Al Khair programs for the year 1441 AH in partnership and cooperation with a number of local, regional and international institutions, associations, and organizations, including Sila Development Foundation, Humanitarian Response Network, Turkish Religion Endowment, Bailash Society, Dost Association, and the Turkish International Humanitarian Relief Organization iHH.



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