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The conclusion of the free cotton medical camp

The day was concluded in the Cotton District, Hadramout Governorate, the free medical camp of Nour, for removing white water and planting lenses, and the camp held by the World Assembly of Muslim Youth – Yemen Office, through the local partner, Al Badyh Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Work, and the implementation of the Balsam Al Saada Medical Depot, during the period September 22-28, 2020, which was held at the General Cotton Hospital, examining 734 cases, and performing 150 surgeries, targeting the people of Hadramout Governorate, and a number of displaced persons.
At the closing ceremony, the Assistant Undersecretary for Hadhramaut Governorate for Valley and Desert Affairs, Engineer: Hisham Al-Saeedi, indicated that citizen service is the basis for the existence of any individual, with all service and development facilities, whether governmental or private, noting that the camp that came under The exceptional circumstances that the country is going through helped alleviate the burden on many citizens, who are going through difficult living conditions.
He wished to establish camps in the future, in a variety of specializations, and to meet the needs of the local community, in various areas of life, through the sharing and coordination of efforts between civil society organizations, local authorities, and donors.
In turn, the Director of Cotton Hospital, Abdullah Al-Ay, expressed his happiness with the effective partnerships of civil society organizations and the private sector to support the hospital administration in enhancing the performance and activity of the hospital, which in turn is reflected in the provision of quality medical services to the citizen.
In addition to that, the Executive Director of AlBadyh Foundation: Adel bin Salam, praised the efforts of the medical staff participating in the camp, and their double effort in serving their fellow citizens, and bearing them under the hardship of work pressure, during the period of the camp’s establishment, in advance of thanks and appreciation to the bodies supporting the camp, as well as the cooperation of the local authority in the governorate And the directorate, and the hospital administration.
The closing ceremony was attended by the Director General of the Cotton Directorate, Abd al-Latif al-Naqib, the Secretary-General of the District’s Local Council, Muhammad Belajam, and a number of medical and administrative personnel participating in the camp.

مؤسسة البادية للتنمية والأعمال الإنسانية

Al-Badyh Foundation is one of the leading Yemeni organizations working in the field of development and humanity. It was established in October 2001 and has been striving to be a leader in developing people’s lives and directing their energies towards development and construction. Adopting the joint institutional work in order to achieve its objectives, to make man first and draw a wonderful picture of the meanings of humanity, credibility and transparency in all its projects and programs.

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