Meat Distribution

Al-Badiyh Charitable Foundation and through the support of some philanthropists have persisted in helping poor people through all months of the years .

A philanthropist may Allah reward and bless him has adopted slaughtering 2 sheep a day lasted for two months to feed poor , handicapped and orphans in all provinces of Yemen .

The campaign has begun in Hadhramout valley for a month . then moved to the coastal areas of Hadhramout to cover all the targeted families through the contribution of Al-Badiyh partners . in 13th and 15th of Rabia Alawal 1435 AH Altrahom Charitable and Social Association in Ghail Bawazeer distributed meat ,and the number of beneficiaries reached 30 family included 150 people .In shabwa province the Charitable Society for Social Welfare distributed meat for 21 family included 259 people and in Sadah province Al-Amal Charitable Society has slaughtered 2 sheep for 25 poor and needy family . Finally in Hajjah province , Al-Fajer Charitable Association has distributed meat to the targeted families


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