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Funding by IHH , Al-Badyh has carried out a food parcel distribution project

In refugee camps in Marib, Hadramout, and Aden

Al-Badyh Development and Humanitarian Aid Association, with the fund by IHH,  coordinated food package distribution project by providing assistance to (4359) individuals living in refugee camps in Marib, Hadramout, and Aden.

With the project, the association aimed to provide assistance to (897) families  (of 4359 individuals)  by distributing  (897) food parcels. At the same time, the project aimed to improve the conditions and meet some of the needs of those living in Al Rayyan camp in Al Abar region  (Hadramout province), and those living in Al Quoz camp (Ma’rib province), and also those affected by rain and flood in Aden province during the month of  Ramadan.

The implementation of this project took place within the scope of the Ramadan Goodness Projects in (1441), With the work of the Association’s social development department, and the support of various local/international organizations and philanthropists, in order to improve the living conditions by easing the difficulties for the families, which lost their income sources due to the ongoing war in the country, and their economic conditions collapsed because of that.

The project beneficiaries expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the Badyh association and   the IHH Association for their efforts.

However, another goal of the project was to respond to the needs and help call of those affected by illnesses that spread after the heavy rain in Ma’rib and Aden provinces last March.

As mentioned earlier, The Al-Badyh Association has planned to implement 9 Ramadan programs this year (date distribution, iftar program, food parcel, family assistance, Water Drinking project in Ramadan, cash aid, village re-enactment, Fitreh, holiday clothes).


مؤسسة البادية للتنمية والأعمال الإنسانية

Al-Badyh Foundation is one of the leading Yemeni organizations working in the field of development and humanity. It was established in October 2001 and has been striving to be a leader in developing people’s lives and directing their energies towards development and construction. Adopting the joint institutional work in order to achieve its objectives, to make man first and draw a wonderful picture of the meanings of humanity, credibility and transparency in all its projects and programs.

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