Ramadan Programs

In a statement made by the director of the Administration of  Social Development at Al-Badiyh Charitable Foundation Mr. Mohammad Dahloos in which he said ” The Foundation is seeking to implement more than seven programs in various governorates of the republic  during the current year 1435 ”  . ” The foundations is planning to meet the needs of 16437 families  and 43612 persons through these programs in which 4767 families in Hadhrmout governorate ” The Foundation has set strategic  plans to implement the programs through its executive committees , these programs include fast breaking , food basket , reviving a village , cash money , distributing dates , Eid clothes and supporting Etkaaf .

Mr .Dahloos added that the Foundation aims to implement these programs to alleviate the suffering of the needy and poor  people and to draw a smile on their faces during this month  and to revive the spirit of social solidarity among the community .

These programs will be implemented by the main office  and all its branches and field committees and through all Al-Badiyh partners in the republic . At the end of his statement Mr. Dahloos has urged all foundations , funds and philanthropists to contribute in supporting these programs  due to the urgent need of many segment of the society to pass the current bad economic condition .

It is worth noting that the foundation will implement many of  fast breaking in many vital  places such as hospitals , air ports , health centers, prisons, mosques and police stations  .


مؤسسة البادية للتنمية والأعمال الإنسانية

احدى المنظمات اليمنية الرائدة العاملة في المجالات التنموية والإنسانية تأسست في 14 أكتوبر 2001 م، معتمدة العمل المؤسسي المشترك لبناء مجتمع حضاري متميز ، لتجعل الانسان أولاً و ترسم صورة رائعة لمعاني الانسانية و المصداقية والشفافية في كل مشاريعها وبرامجها .

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