About Al-Badyah Charitable Foundation

Al-Badyah Charitable Foundation (BCF) was founded on October 14, 2001 in Al-Qatin in the heart of the Hadramout Valley, and is working hard to implement its vision, mission and objectives.

Our vision:

BCF seeks to be the subject of leadership locally and regionally in the development of people’s lives and to exploit their potential in the development and construction.

Our mission:

Raising the level of society in general and the lives of those in need especially, in all fields with transparency and professionalism, and through cooperation with the relevant authorities and the adoption of the outstanding institutional work.

Our objectives

  • Serving all segments of the community, socially, healthy, economically, and skills development.
  • Construction of various useful facilities and sponsoring them.
  • Establishing a distinguished relations with the authorities and relevant institutions.
  • Paying more attention to women in scientific, health and social fields.

Our business areas:

The Foundation’s work is concentrated in several areas, including:

  • Field of education, and our most important educational programs: (pioneers of the future center, scholarship program, university pioneers Center, guarantees educational program, supporting girls’ education program, work is the spirit of the youth program .
  • The health field, and the most prominent health programs: (Permanent doctor program, the visiting physician program, medical camps, medical convoys, the rehabilitation of health centers and housing for patients.
  • Social development field: (economic empowerment program, like these two program, Seasonal) programs.
  • Relief field, and the most prominent fields (food, ​​health, ​​shelter, water and sanitation fields.

Enterprise departments:

  1. Education and Human Development Department.
  2. Social Development Department: It consists of the following sections: section orphans programs, health programs, social programs.
  3. Construction project management.
  4. Finance and Administration Management: It consists of the following sections: Accounts Section, Human Resources, and Department of Resource Development.
  5. Media and Public Relations Department: It consists of the following sections: Information Department, Department of relations.

Map of our activity:

It exceeded Hadramout to include all governorates of Yemen having partners in all governorates of the Republic. In this regard, and out from the faith of the importance of partnership for success and development of the work the, Foundation initiated the formation of (Al- Badyah Partners Forum), which includes the organizations and institutions, charities and branches that cooperate with the Foundation in implementation of charitable projects in all governorates of Yemen, has been created in July 2008, which comprises about one hundred and twenty Foundations and the charity association and its subsidiaries.


مؤسسة البادية للتنمية والأعمال الإنسانية

احدى المنظمات اليمنية الرائدة العاملة في المجالات التنموية والإنسانية تأسست في 14 أكتوبر 2001 م، معتمدة العمل المؤسسي المشترك لبناء مجتمع حضاري متميز ، لتجعل الانسان أولاً و ترسم صورة رائعة لمعاني الانسانية و المصداقية والشفافية في كل مشاريعها وبرامجها .

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