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Water and Environmental Sanitation Sector

We contribute to providing clean water to population in villages and cities, and enhancing the population’s access to hygiene and sanitation services

The water crisis in the reality of Yemeni society remains a deep-rooted crisis with its chronic pain, but it seems that this story has its many chapters of endless suffering, due to the difficult economic conditions that exacerbated the problem of obtaining the basic requirements of life for Yemeni families at all levels, and among the most prominent of these requirements Access to adequate and safe water sources.

Access to safe drinking water and sanitation remains a top priority in Yemen, which has the lowest per capita water availability in the world, with water scarcity and WASH-related diseases reaching critical levels.

Damage to infrastructure from conflict, the effects of climate change, natural hazards, deteriorating socio-economic conditions, and disruption to imports, especially fuel, are key factors, as Yemenis are forced to resort to negative coping practices that significantly increase the risk of malnutrition and increase the burden of water and sanitation related diseases. hygiene and outbreaks of diseases such as cholera and dengue fever.

Vulnerable Yemeni communities affected by the war face an additional challenge of water shortages due to climate change, in a country characterized by its arid to very arid climate.

Water insecurity is also a major concern in Yemen. There is great variability in precipitation across the country as coastal hills impede the passage of rain-producing weather networks.

Through the interventions of this sector, we seek to contribute to the provision of clean water and potable water to the population centers in villages, cities and displacement camps, in a manner that ensures that the population obtains the minimum daily amount of water, as well as enhances the population’s access to hygiene and sanitation services and waste and waste treatment. The most important interventions of this sector are:

The most prominent activities of the sector

Water pipe extension Construction and maintenance of water tanks
Well Drilling
Distribution of water tanks
Distribution of drinking water through trucks
Construction and distribution of refrigerators
Rehabilitation and construction of toilets and sanitation in public facilities

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