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Service Projects Sector

We contribute to building and constructing beneficial projects and strengthening the infrastructure of the community, such as building and building mosques and schools, repairing roads, and others.

Seven years of grinding conflict in Yemen have led to a severe and protracted humanitarian crisis, with two-thirds of Yemen’s population in need of humanitarian assistance, with an economy in dire straits, and vital infrastructure and basic services almost collapsing, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Far from the immediate needs, the legacy of this crisis will continue to be felt for generations, and re-establishing a unified economy will be very difficult, ICRC President Peter Maurer said at the high-level pledging conference for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Our interventions in this sector aim to support the public sector and society in establishing and constructing public facilities, and establishing and maintaining existing service projects to ensure the continuity of their work, provide their services and prevent their collapse. The interventions of this sector include the following programs and projects:

The most prominent activities of the sector

building mosques
Building and rehabilitating schools
Construction and rehabilitation of health facilities
Building service complexes and training centers
Construction of clean energy projects
Connecting and extending electricity to service projects and public utilities
Road rehabilitation and paving
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