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Food Security & Agriculture Sector

We contribute to enhancing food security for vulnerable groups in the local community and contributing to covering basic food needs and reducing poverty.

The situation is not expected to improve in 2022 due to the intensification of hostilities in the last quarter of 2021, while the economy continued to decline. As livelihoods and income opportunities continue to be lost due to conflict and economic decline, the latest data shows that the impact of food security in Yemen has stabilized at very high levels in December 2021, with nearly half of families across Yemen , reporting insufficient food consumption, The affordability of food – as measured by the average cost of the minimum food pack  – has worsened significantly in 2021, and between January and December 2021 the average cost of the minimum food pack increased by 119% in areas under Yemeni government control and by 41% in areas controlled by Houthi government , this forcing people to work more days to meet the minimum cost of food.

The new conflict in Ukraine is also expected to directly affect the purchasing power and food insecurity of civilians in Yemen due to the increase in global food and fuel prices.

Food insecurity and malnutrition remain major challenges and are most acute in areas of active conflict or surrounding areas where the security situation limits people’s access to humanitarian aid and services.

The latest IPC analysis released in March shows that the dire food insecurity crisis was approaching an already catastrophic level with 17.4 million people in need of food assistance. It is expected that 19 million people will suffer from food insecurity in the second half of the year.

About 2.2 million children suffer from acute malnutrition, including nearly half a million children suffering from severe acute malnutrition, a life-threatening condition, according to the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) analysis issued in March.

Through the sector, we seek to evaluate the food security of the affected and targeted community and choose the best ways to facilitate access to food and provide it to the most vulnerable groups on a regular or irregular way , either through food packs, cash aid, food vouchers, cooked meals or a mixture of previous assistance.

Within this sector, we are also interested in working to increase access to a stable income resource by securing production requirements and primary resources, investing resources and available aid, and improving the agricultural situation, animal production and livestock health, which contributes directly to enhance food security for families and increasing their ability to secure basic requirements and reduce poverty.

The most prominent activities of the sector

Food packs
Meat distribution
Date distribution
Loaf of bread
Dry and warm meal
Food cash vouchers
Cash Aids

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