Economic Empowerment

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Economic Empowerment

We contribute to improving the livelihoods of low-income people, ensuring a decent and sustainable source of livelihood for the targeted, and moving them from the need for production and sufficiency.

Over seven years of conflict, millions of people in Yemen have suffered from the devastating effects of war, ongoing economic crisis and disruption of public services. The escalating conflict in 2021 has resulted in civilian casualties, increased displacement and disruption of public services resulting high increase of humanitarian needs.

The collapse of the Yemeni economy – which is one of the outcomes of the conflict – has exacerbated the vulnerability of poor families, as more than 23.4 million people – nearly three quarters of the population – need humanitarian assistance and protection in 2022, an increase of 13%. it was a really scary number in 2021.

The war inflicted great losses on the livelihoods sector and led to the damage of poor and displaced families and the loss of their sources of income, as Yemen has been living in an ongoing war since mid-2015, stopped all facilities of economic and social life, and causing an increase in people’s suffering. Unemployment rates have risen and the World Bank has ranked Yemen as the highest country in The Middle East in poverty and unemployment , the Bank indicated in a report published in July 2016 that the poverty rate had jumped to 85%, and the unemployment rate had reached 60% for the year 2014 AD.

The poverty rate among citizens has increased, and internal displacement is still continuing, reaching four million displaced people, most of them went to the liberated areas, which have a large percentage of stability, such as ( Hadramout – Marib). The state of political instability and armed conflict has reduced Yemen’s economic growth and job opportunities. and productivity level.

Recently, the ongoing conflict has destroyed the normal trade movement and left millions of Yemeni people without a means to support themselves and their families, which led them joining armed groups to due to financial necessities. Through this sector, we are working to improve decent livelihoods and bring them to the stage of recovery in a way that guarantees them a source of decent and sustainable life, thus moving the targeted families from the stage of need to the stage of production and self-sufficiency

The most prominent activities of the sector

Professional training and empowerment
Sponsorship for students of vocational education institutes
Production factories and production lines
Project to integrate women into the work environment to enhance family income
Vocational training for women ( Economic Empowerment )
Supporting small and micro enterprises for women
Community awareness campaigns
Supporting home work for women

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