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Food security

What Do We Do ? Food Security & Agriculture Sector We contribute to enhancing food security for vulnerable groups in the local community and contributing to covering basic food needs and reducing poverty. The situation is not expected to improve in 2022 due to the intensification of hostilities in the last quarter of 2021, while […]
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Health sector

What Do We Do ? Health sector We contribute to enhancing the level of rapid availability of treatment and health services and access to it for various segments of society, especially patients who are unable to do so The analysis of the health situation in Yemen indicates a major health problem, especially in the catastrophic […]
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Protection Sector

What Do We Do ? Protection Sector We contribute to improving the lives of children, women, youth and society during crises and disasters and protecting them from forms of abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence Yemen remains a major protection and displacement crisis where the protection of civilians remains a critical priority as the conflict continues […]
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Water Sector

What Do We Do ? Water and Environmental Sanitation Sector We contribute to providing clean water to population in villages and cities, and enhancing the population’s access to hygiene and sanitation services The water crisis in the reality of Yemeni society remains a deep-rooted crisis with its chronic pain, but it seems that this story […]
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Education Sector

What Do We Do ? Education Sector We contribute to enhancing access to education for both sexes, supporting general and specialized education, its facilities and cadres, and encouraging and supporting the gifted and talented. Children are the group most affected by the war in Yemen, whether through hunger and epidemics that threaten their lives or […]
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Shelter Sector

What Do We Do ? Shelter and Non-Food Items Sector We contribute to providing shelter and basic emergency housing requirements for families of displaced and affected people in camps and cities during crises and disasters According to UN reports, Yemen remains the largest humanitarian crisis and relief operation in the world. It is the result […]
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Economic Empowerment

What Do We Do ? Economic Empowerment We contribute to improving the livelihoods of low-income people, ensuring a decent and sustainable source of livelihood for the targeted, and moving them from the need for production and sufficiency. Over seven years of conflict, millions of people in Yemen have suffered from the devastating effects of war, […]
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Service Projects

What Do We Do ? Service Projects Sector We contribute to building and constructing beneficial projects and strengthening the infrastructure of the community, such as building and building mosques and schools, repairing roads, and others. Seven years of grinding conflict in Yemen have led to a severe and protracted humanitarian crisis, with two-thirds of Yemen’s […]
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Awqaf sector

What Do We Do ? Awqaf sector We seek to mobilize funding to establish and establish qualitative endowment projects, organize them, maintain them, develop them, and develop them, in order to fulfill the conditions of those endowments. Endowments are assets allocated by way of donation or bequest, or purchased to be held in permanent trust […]
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