Albadyh Foundation launches the distribution of 100 TukTuk in the governorates of Marib and Hadramout.

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Albadyh Foundation launches the distribution of 100 TukTuk in the governorates of Marib and Hadramout.

Albadyh Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Aid is implementing, during the period from the second to the eighth of March, a project to distribute 100 Tuk Tuk bikes, funded by Turkey Diyanet Vakfe , in coordination with the local authority in the governorates of Marib and Hadramout.

The project was inaugurated by “distributing 60 TUk Tuk in Ma’rib Governorate, including 40 passenger Tuk Tuk and 20 goods transporting Tuk Tuk, to unemployed youth and people with special needs in Ma’rib Governorate, under the generous patronage of Major General Sultan Al-Arada, member of the Presidency Council and Governor of Ma’rib Governorate. The project aims to empower youth And create job opportunities that enable them to support their families and be self-sufficient.

During the launching , the Undersecretary of Marib Governorate, Dr. Abd Rabbo Moftah, conveyed the greetings of Major General Sultan Al-Arada, a member of the Presidency Council and the Governor of Marib Governorate, and expressed his thanks and appreciation to the government and people of Turkey for the great support they provide to the Yemeni people, expressing his deep condolences and the Yemeni people for the earthquakes that caused great destruction in Turkey. It left thousands of victims, we ask Allah for mercy and forgiveness to them.

Emphasizing that the Yemeni people preserve for the people and leadership of Turkey all gratitude, love and appreciation for their white hands and their fraternal stand by the Yemeni people, and that this project will greatly alleviate those who have lost parts of their limbs as well as those who have lost their breadwinner, and that the project will contribute significantly to reduce unemployment and finding real job opportunities for young people .

Undersecretary Moftah, from the Director of Programs and Projects Department at the Foundation, Mr. Magdy Bashayouth, listened to an explanation of the project and its objectives. He explained that the project targets 100 beneficiaries of the category of the disabled and the unemployed in the governorates of Marib and Hadramout, of whom 60 beneficiaries are in Marib governorate, at a Tuk Tuk rate for each beneficiary.

Reffering that the project aims to help them improving the means of living for themselves and their families and help them psychologically by restoring their confidence and practicing their normal lives.

Mr. Magdy Bashayouth, Director of Programs and Projects Department, indicated that this project is one of the important projects in terms of economic empowerment and livelihoods that Albadyh has been working on for years and implemented in several Yemeni governorates based on the need of the Yemeni society to find job opportunities to earn a living, especially in the difficult living situation. that the country is going through.

Adding that we stand here today to implement a project that expresses the depth of brotherhood between the Yemeni and Turkish peoples, and that we express our great sympathy with the Turkish people in their painful affliction as a result of the Kahramanmaraş earthquake.

For his part, Dr. Khaled Al-Shujani, Deputy Director of the Executive Unit for the Displaced in Marib, said that this generous Turkish support, which comes despite what befell Turkey as a result of the earthquake that hit them and caused great human and material damage, indicates their great generous giving, which makes us stand in honor and respect for the Turkish government and people.

It is scheduled to distribute 40 TukTuk bikes for transportation and passengers in Hadramout governorate at the end of this week in the city of Mukalla.

A number of beneficiaries expressed their sincere thanks to the TURKIYE DIYANET VAKFI for this large grant, which would remove many families from the need for production and contribute to improve the income of many displaced families from the effects of the war that has been going on in the country for more than 7 years.

It is noteworthy that the project was adopted by the TURKIYE DIYANET VAKFI as part of several interventions at the beginning of this year, in which it was planned that the endowment team would participate in its implementation had it not been for the current circumstances that afflicted Turkey as a result of the earthquake.

The lunching was attended by a number of heads of civil society organizations in the governorate .

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