AlBadyh implements the food basket project funded by the Turkish IHH

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In the presence of the IHH delegation and within the tenth campaign, “Relieve Them” implemented by Albadyh during the year 2022 AD in cooperation with a number of associations and institutions, Albadyh Foundation implemented, on Thursday and Friday 28 and 29 July / 2022 AD, the food basket project funded by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Authority.

Where 165 food baskets were distributed to the displaced in Al-Raka camp in Ma’rib governorate, including the poorest and most needy families.

Albadyh also distributed 150 baskets in Hadramout Governorate, Al-Qattan District, where the distribution included 30 orphans, 30 widows, 30 people with special needs, 30 displaced people and 30 poor families in the district.

The number of beneficiaries of the food basket project reached 1638 individuals in the governorates of Hadramout and Marib.

During the implementation of the project, the Director of the Programs and Projects Department at the Foundation, Brother Magdi Rabie Bashiout, stressed the importance of implementing these projects to contribute to alleviating some of the suffering of many families in Hadhramaut, as well as displaced families in the camps in Marib Governorate, which is witnessing a large displacement as a result of the recent events in the governorate, praising the cooperation of the local authority. In the governorates, the IDPs’ unit and camp supervisors in implementing projects, adding that this campaign comes within the tenth campaign, “Relieve Them,” which is being implemented by Albadyh, in cooperation with a number of donor organizations, both internally and externally.

The implementation of these relief campaigns comes to alleviate the difficult living conditions experienced by many displaced families as a result of the ongoing war in the country, where many families lost their source of income and the collapse of economic conditions.

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