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About AlBadyh Foundation

Al-Badyh Foundation (BF) is one of the leading Yemeni organizations working in the field of development and humanity. It was established in October 2001 and has been striving to be a leader in developing people’s lives and directing their energies towards development and construction. Adopting the joint institutional work in order to achieve its objectives, to make man first and draw a wonderful picture of the meanings of humanity, credibility and transparency in all its projects and programs.


Towards a common institutional action, to build a distinct civilizational society

Our mission:

A humanitarian development institution that adopts the joint institutional work for the advancement and development of Yemeni society

Values :

We are proud in the Badia with our values, which are based on Humanity – Institutional – Partnership – Credibility – Transparency – The initiative, which keeps pace with the aspirations for growth, sustainability and lasting success, by Allah willing.

Our objectives

  • To contribute actively to the sustainable development of society.
  • Attention to low income people in various social, health, educational and economic fields.
  • Specific humanitarian response in emergencies.
  • Building and developing distinguished and effective partnerships with relevant stakeholders.
  • Building and caring for the abilities and skills of young people.
  • Concern for women and their involvement in achieving sustainable development of society.

Our Working Map:

We work at the level of Yemen and our programs and projects are distributed – in the normal situation – as follows:

  • Areas where the Foundation’s programs and projects are concentrated at 50% in the governorates of (Hadramout, Mahara, Shabwa and Socotra).
  • Areas where the Foundation’s programs and projects are concentrated at 30%, namely in (Marib, Al-Bayda, Al-Jawf, Aden, Abyan, Lahj and Al-Dali).•

Areas where the Foundation’s programs and projects are concentrated at 20% and are in the remaining governorates of the Republic.

In the abnormal situation, the areas of need at the Yemeni level – wherever there is one – are vital for our projects.


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